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Kiki Kiki

Make this shit go viral ... they ain't right

Blessings all... glad to join the network. Peace.

Oh, let me say Welcome to Memphis, Mr. GregoryI would come to the show but need transportation. I live in the woods in unincorporated Shelby co. tn... Show more

I can now see the real problem of teaching my kids about santa claus. it was something I never considered before like this. Awareness brings change... Show more

SeasonedvisualArtist doesn't matter that my children are now all grown up. I can now see things as they did and help them adjust. 2 months ago

Glad to have Dick Gregory teaching us. Been listening to a whole lot of Youtube lectures and really find them so insightful. Getting ready to listen... Show more

I would like to know when Mr. Dick Gregory's schedule for his speaking engagements