As dynamic as my father was to the world, he was ten times that in the home. Because everything that he did in and for the world, he made sure it was front and center in the house. It wasn’t just an act or opinion. This was how he lived his life and raised his children, but then on top of that, he was a dad.

Every sacrifice that my father made whether it was financial in stepping away from the comedy and entertainment to support civil rights, whether it was in the business world where he was one of the leading entrepreneurs in the area of health and nutrition and not compromising his values.

One of the things I talk about with my dad is that as much as he was battling on the front lines for human rights, his spiritual intelligence was through the roof. He wasn’t about any particular religion. He was clear religion was man-made, but understanding how the one universal God operated and that we knew that was critical. So when he would get off the road he would come home and we would all get together in my parents’ room and we would pray and meditate for hours.

If you’ve ever been moved, touched, or motivated by the words of Dick Gregory, by the writing of Dick Gregory, by the albums of Dick Gregory, by the videos of Dick Gregory and you want to honor him, please take action. Please go forward in the areas that my father stood for and represented. Whether it’s being a part of the national Black Lives Matter movement or volunteering your time at a local school or soup kitchen, just be involved. Continue that legacy which is lifting the human spirit and the human condition, and that’s how you honor my father.

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