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Gregory noticed a nervousness in the meeting with the Neshoba County Sheriff Lawrence Rainey, who was a top conspirator to the murders, Deputy Sheriff Cecil Ray Price, who was part of the lynch mob, the Chief Investigator of the State Highway Police and a city attorney. Also, he noticed the city attorney would pipe in and answer all of the questions. Gregory cut the meeting short. He had all he needed. It became clear this was a government-sponsored lynching perpetrated by Neshoba County law enforcement. Later, Gregory would say that he put his finger in Rainey’s face and said, "You know you did it. And we’re going to get you!" Gregory presented a singular problem for Rainey and his boys: he was a "nigger" they couldn’t make disappear. Gregory knew that there wouldn’t be an investigation in earnest, so he had a plan. I told Farmer, "Jim I’ve got the wildest idea." He said, " What?" I said, "You know, the only way we’re gonna get it out is with large sums of money. If you’ll put up $100,000, we’ll break this case in one week." The comedian wasn’t able to get the full $100,000 but he was able to get $25,000 thanks to a phone call to Hugh Hefner. "Hefner understood what those rednecks didn’t: that things had changed," he told British GQ in 2011. That you could no longer argue that you’d ‘killed three Jews’. Or ‘killed three blacks’. What you’d done was, you’d killed three fellow human beings."