Once in a generation, God forms and shapes an individual for a transformational divine special mission in this transitional Life. Many are called but few are chosen. Dick Gregory's Life embodied both that of the great comedic talent, and the social activism of the beloved prophet.

He was endowed with an indelible faith in action and committed to its noble cause as a clarion voice for justice, so that America and indeed the world would become transfixed by the unmitigated plight and injustices of the Black American experience, sweltering in the imbalances of a distorted and fragmented nation.

Like Moses and Joshua he wore the mantle of liberation as an emancipator to set his people free. Today as we honor the Life of Dick Gregory The Great, may his inspiration become within us an indomitable force of soul power and life, so that all of us may catch his spirit blowing in the wind beckoning us saying "carry on my friends" until the vestiges of injustices has been dismantled and the nation and all humanity reflects the rainbow of solidarity and brotherhood of one common humanity.

May God Bless Dick Gregory in body soul and spirit, and give peace to his family.

From The Family of Music Legend James Brown

Deanna Brown Thomas
Yamma Brown Alexander
Christian Van St John
Shawn Thomas