By Dr. Trina Coleman

Dick Gregory is often called a comedian, an activist, and a health guru. Dick Gregory was also an intellectual and humanitarian. Dick had the strength and courage to see a need, and look for a solution.

By David Dennis, Jr.

My father knew James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Mickey Schwerner were dead as soon as he got the call that they were missing. Their bodies weren’t found until 44 days later. What happened between that phone call and the discovery of their bodies is a story that’s been bastardized by Hollywood, overlooked by those intent on ignoring America’s painful history and mired in misinformation. But anyone involved in the 1964 Freedom Summer in Mississippi knows one undeniable truth: Dick Gregory’s heroic battle with the FBI is the reason those bodies were found.

Well, the Reverend says, “The best way we can try to come to a real answer is to see what he did. And that is to challenge and stay on the frontline and speak truth to power until you can turn it around. Don’t just do that but make it work.”

As dynamic as my father was to the world, he was ten times that in the home. Because everything that he did in and for the world, he made sure it was front and center in the house. It wasn’t just an act or opinion. This was how he lived his life and raised his children, but then on top of that, he was a dad.